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The Earth and all beings living on the planet are shifting into a whole new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, joy, peace, freedom, compassion and spiritual wisdom prevails.

‘Great’ just isn’t good enough. Shock, surprise and delight. We don’t want people to feel comfortable, we want them to feel amazed and provoked. We are not a formula; we are the constantly unexpected, happening right in front of your eyes.

As a team we share our passion for upcoming talents within the house music scene and to deliver a full music experience with the vision of operating as a ‘family’ in an international perspective. The prime goal is to showcase cultural heritage and landmarks throughout the prism of electronic music and video.

Create produces unique experiences, by organising, filming, performing and broadcasting concerts in carefully selected locations around the world. We are a community of architects, creative agency and also an event creator with a familial atmosphere.